top affordable food experiences in paris

there are certain food experiences that you should not miss when in paris, so that you can get an idea of the french food culture.In this first list we are giving you the most inexpensive solutions to enjoy yourself by keeping the quality of the food

a) Relaxing in a “caffé” with a coffee or tea and a croissant or tartine (with fresh butter and jam) while watching the city’s flow surrounding you. These caffés can be found around any corner, and very often have a nice terrace, and usually inexpensive.

b)Having a nice supper in a typical old brasserie.

c)Enjoy your drinks in the early evening on a cafe terrace.

d)Do not hesitate to enjoy street food:there are great food stores, and the artisanal bakeries (“boulangeries”) prepare delicious baguette sandwiches or tartelettes and kich loraines.

e)Find a traditional cheese shop and enjoy their delicious products.

f)Pick up a real patisserie and choose between the cakes, tarts, chocolates and macaroons.


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