paris short rentals/hotels

Looking for the right place to stay during your visit in paris? Let the experts find the right flat/hotel for you according to your preferences and needs and get charged only 10 euros per person !By the end of our research you will receive a list with different options and you will have the chance to choose between the best properties on the market.

Feel up the following questionnary and submit it to

List of questions to answer:

name surname

date of arrival – date of departure

number of people (please specify if there are any children)

airport of your arrival/departure

districts of preference (name or pick their number from the map below)


do you prefer a hotel or a flat

do you have pets?


  1. Maria Trabazo

    Name: Maria Trabazo
    Stay: 31/12/10 to 4/01/11
    People: 2 girls, no pets, no children
    Arriving by car
    Districts of preference: anywhere in the center, preferably, arrond.1, 2, 6 et 7.
    Budget: open
    Preferance: flat or hotel with a kitchen
    Languages spoken: Spanish, Italian, English and French

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