Mariages Frères

Mariages frères

”The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea.” Henri Mariage.

According to a Chinese legend, Emperor Chen-Nung, known as the ‘Divine Harvester’, was very strict about hygiene and drank only boiled water. One day in the year 2737 bc., as the emperor was sitting at rest under a wild tea tree gently blowing in the breeze, a few leaves tumbled into his cup. On drinking it, the emperor was filled with inexpressible well-being. Tea was born and  has the privilege of being the most ancient beverage in the world.

One of the first French tea connoisseurs was Louis XIV. It is reported that in 1665 his doctors prescribed tea ‘to aid digestion’.

Mariages Freres is a parisian tea company which was founded in 1854 by two brothers  Henri and Edouard Mariage, who became the premier tea importers in France. There are currently 3 tea boutiques in paris, including the historical tea house in the Marais, and several around the world.  All the tea houses have a tea museum devoted to the history of tea. 

« Tea was not only a remedy against drowsiness. It was a way of aiding men to return to their sources, a moment in the rhythm of the day when prince and peasant shared the same thoughts and same happiness while preparing to return to their respective fates. » Lu Yu (733-804)

We totally suggest you take the time to discover this wonderful jewel, in the heart of paris!

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