Le Bristol



Le Bristol is situated in the 8th district of paris and the Louvre is within strolling distance as is the Grand Palais.The grand 19th cebtury building has been a hotel since 1925.As soon as you enter you can say bonjour to its marble floors, polished wood antique furniture, wall tapestries, frescoes, and original Old MAsters on the lobby walls.

In the spa La Prairie you can find an enormous range of luxurious treatments and you should make sure to make time to reach the 6th floor where the beautiful swimming pool is situated with one of the greatest views over the Eiffel Tower.

Dining doesn’ t come any finer than at the hôtels three Michelin starred restaurant, the Epicure. You also have the choice for the more relaxed ambiance of la brasserie 114 Faubourg.

Do not be surprised if while you enjoy your tea in the garden you may cross paths with Fa-Raon. Fa-Raon is the hotel’s fluffy Birman cat, the playmate of the children & guests at Le Bristol. An unapologetically pampered & polished cat, Fa-Raon plays in the lobby & has free reign of the garden, although we believe his favourite spot could be perched on the information desk, accepting the attention of the doting staff and guests.



Hotel Le Bristol

112 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré 75008

Tel: +33 153 43 43 00

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