7th district



Galerie J Kugel


On the bank of the Seine, the Galerie J Kugel is unique not only from it’s impressive architecture, but also for the works of art if offers which range in date from the Renaissance up to the 1850’s.
Although the company has been established in Paris since 1920, the gallery has only been at the impressive, private mansion of Hôtel Collot since 2004.
The owners are Alexis and Nicolas Kugel, the fifth-generation of antique dealers in their family. The Kugel family was among Russia’s most known and respected antique dealers.
The priceless antique collections boast items from silver and sculpture, to furniture and paintings.
According to Alexis and Nicolas, the ‘Kugel’ provenance of an object really is an intrinsic increase in value because it is synonymous of authenticity, rarity, and quality.
Regularly, events and exhibitions are held making the Galerie J. Kugel an essential stop for collectors, curators or simply fans of art from all over the world.

25 Quai Anatole-France
Paris, 75007

Musée de l’Armée

The golden dome of Les Invalides is usually easy to spot around the 7th arrondimsent, standing out amongst the trees and the rooftops. Here, is the Musée de l’Armée- the national military museum of France.  Open since 1905, the permanent collections are displayed chronologically, with a presentation of military and weapons from Antiquity to the end of the Second World War.

Inside the golden dome itself you can find the tomb of Emperor Napoleon I. There is an incredible amount of military history from all around the world here. From the armor worn by princes for ceremonies, or the armor used in battle, the impressive display will transport you back into a medieval time.

129 Rue de Grenelle

Paris 75007


Steps away from the Eiffel Tower, your bubble tea needs can be met at Babao Tea Shop.
Bubble tea is a new trend in Paris. It consists of a blend of green tea or black tea and fruit flavors. It can be mixed with fruits or milk according to taste. It was invented in tea shops Taiwan, during the 1980s. The term bubble (also sometimes called pearls) refers to the chewy tapioca balls that are commonly added to the drinks. This drink has now expanded to many different varieties and flavors to choose from. However, there is just one place in that can meet all your bubble tea needs. Whether you have already decided on it your favorite drink or you are reading this wondering how this combination of flavors- with everything from apples to lychee-could be good together, go to Babao Tea Shop.
The staff is all very friendly – and they insist that you sample different flavors and combinations before choosing.
They have products available in-store as well as online for you to try out making your own delicious bubble tea at home!

8 rue Augereau
Paris 75007

Les Parisettes

Due to the high amount of tourist shops around this neighborhood, it can be hard to decide which one to stop in to for gifts and trinkets.
Well, the worry is over, Les Parisettes is your best choice! It is a concept store that specializes in all things Paris. Here you can find everything from accessories to home décor.
It is hard to miss, being the easily the most charming of the other tourist shops.
La Parisette is a small plant that was used to make love potion sin the Middle Ages. The plant on the dancing Eiffel Tower logo represents the love for every moment in Paris.
The bright blue cheerful façade draws you in, while the friendly staff welcomes you to have a look around. You will likely see the perfect gift for a friend – or unique souvenir to remember your time in Paris.

26 rue Malar
75007 Paris

Casa Milano

Near the Eiffel Tower, tucked away between a flower shop and a bakery, you will find Casa Milano. This small Italian tavern offers classic dishes creatively reinvented. The ambiance is cozy with a sleek and modern feel.
Casa Milano’s menu is relatively simple but their wine list is extensive.
There is table seating, as well as a long bar. The kitchen is open and sitting at the bar you are able to watch the chef preparing the delicious meals.
Their expertise is their mouthwatering burgers- fresh, and with lots of flavor! The choices range from salmon to chicken- try a new variety of burger here, you will be pleasantly surprised!
The friendly owners are Italian but trained in French and American cuisine. Between cooking and serving, the entire staff at Casa Milano manages to be smiling and pleasant. The entire atmosphere feels like an old friend’s dinner party.

178 rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris

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