La patisserie des reves

The traditional French patisserie receives an infusion of glamor at Philippe Conticini’s charmingly modern La Patisserie des Reves, designed by Thierry Teyssier. Both locations—there’s one in the 16th (shown below) and another in the 7th arrondissement—feature pale gray interiors infused with touches of hot pink; the gateaux and classic patisserie offerings are displayed in futuristic temperature-controlled domes. Conticini and Teyssier have devoted as much time to packaging and decor as to the patisserie interiors; we are particularly taken with the pink gift packaging.



A pastry shop situated in the Marais area created by  Lauren Koumetz, dedicated to a french speciality called “choux à la créme”, cream puff, which is freshly prepared every day for the numerous clients. The flavours are so many giving a new twist to the classic version of the choux: lemon praline, salted butter caramel, Madagascar vanilla and dark chocolate. Moreover you can try the “chou of the day” imagined by the chef Alice Barday which is always a different flavour and can range from green tea and  strawberry to litchi or tiramisu.

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