General Info

carteHere below you can find a list of numbers that will be very useful during your stay in Paris.


  • Airports, Stations, Means of Transport

Airport Roissy: 014 8621212

Airport Orly: 014 49755252

Air france: 0820820820

Gare de LyonGare du Nord: 0 892 68 3000

RATP: 08 10 03 04 05 or  08 92 68 77 14

SNCF:  08 91 36 20 20  or 3635

  • Emergency numbers   

Medical : 15

SOS Medical : 3624

Pharmacy  24/24 : 3237

Fire/Accident: 18


Directory/Enquiries: 12

European emergency Number112

  • Tourism

Office of tourism: 01 56 89 38 00

  • Volunteering in Paris

There are several associations and initiatives through which you can offer your free time or help for a noble cause.

Oxfam association

Thanks to oxfam you can donate your books which will be sold for only 1euro and the amount which is raised will be used to help people in conditions of poverty all around the world. You can also volunteer by giving some of your spare time working in one of the two shops which you can find in Paris [8 rue st.Ambroise 75011 and 61 rue Daguerre 75014] .

If you are wondering where to recycle in paris your old clothes, gadgets, batteries and so on, please find a list of associations which can be easily consulted.







“To err is human. To loaf is Parisian.”-Victor Hugo


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