Fooding around

La Ménagère

Housed in the old carriage quarters of Palazzo Ginori, a Florentine family famed for their porcelain, today it not only sells homewares but also has a café, restaurant and even an in-house florist. From breakfast (7:30am) until cocktail hour (daily until 2am), this hip hangout is a fresh addition to San Lorenzo offering something for everyone anytime of the day or night.La Ménagère has now been transformed into a restaurant, with areas for flowers, fragrances and a home accessories boutique to boot.The interior has been carved into ten different spaces: a café, decorated with vintage furniture, doles out pastries and coffee, while the more glamorous bar offers up experimental cocktails

  • Quanto Basta


Also known as ”Q.B.” the restaurant is situated in the remodeled sixteenth-century stables of Palazzo Ginori. The walls are half-tiled in white, painted with a stripe of muted color, and high white vaulted ceilings dominate the minimalist décor. The creatively presented dishes artfully mix colors, textures, and flavors. ”Quanto Basta” is definitely a fun place to have lunch or dinner. Stop by in the afternoon for the wine bar, or before dinner for an aperitivo.The service and the food are faultless!


  • Brac


If you want to escape the crowds and soothe your Stendhal syndrome in this lovely contemporary art bookstore/restaurant tucked on a side street behind the Uffizi. Brac’s unassuming exterior belies the smart-person oasis inside, with book-lined walls and plant-filled back courtyard. You don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate the delicious organic dishes, which feature exotic twists on traditional Italian fare.








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