Mykonos is lodged between Paros, Naxos, Tinos and Syros that all belong to the group of Cyclades Islands in Greece.

If partying is practically your middle name and you’ll love to enjoy in the beautiful view, good food and traditional white and blue houses in the meanwhile, add Mykonos to your list of places to see in Greece.

Mykonos alone has its own timetable so don’t try to make a schedule, as soon as you arrive on the island it will mesmerise you with its own, special ambiance. Mykonos has two very different faces: one which all visitors can see and the second one which is shown to the very few selected ones so do accept what the island wants to give you as a gift and make the most of it.I have had the great chance to be visiting the island since many many years now, and I am so lucky to go back every year for pleasure and since some time for work.

Do contact me for further info and I will be happy to help you discover this iconic isle..




  • Terra Maria Hotel

The hotel is situated in the centre of the island and was designed to offer an eclectic ambiance thanks to itscosy common aereas and outdoor space.We love the backyard and the beautiful smal yet stylish kitchen! Open spaces, simple lines, neutral colors emphasize the elegance and comfort throughout all the rooms. N. Kalogera 18, Mykonos Town, 8460, Mykonos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece

  • Tagoo Hotel

Tagoo Hotel is a small, multi-level hotel complex designed in traditional Cycladic architecture and décor. Owned and operated for more than 20 years by a local Mykononian family, this hotel is renowned for friendly staff and warm Greek hospitality which will ensure you quality, service, and comfort to fullfill your holiday with unforgettable great memories.

Tagoo, Mykonos Cyclades 84600, Greece

  • Mykonos Ammos Hotel

Ammos Hotel is situated right on the magical beach of Ornos to unveil the true holiday beauty. Mykonos Ammos Hotel is the ideal destination for the ones seeking an ultimate experience that combines luxurious accommodation, culinary suggestions in the restaurants Kuzina Mykonos and Farina and endless fun in the vibrant and elegant beach of Mykonos, Ornos Beach

Mykonos Ammos Beach Hotel

  • Rochari Hotel

This cosy hotel was founded in 1976 and is still owned by the same family.



  • Caprice Bar

For over 25 years now Caprice is the place you can’t miss if you are on the island! Generations of mykonians and visitors have partied in this famous bar starting with a simple after beach drink till the early hours! The coctails are a delight and the music is perfect for sunset! Do not miss this great spot situated in the most romantic side of the old town called Little Venice.

  • Nammos Beach Club Restaurant

This beach restaurant is situated in Psarou beach and is for sure on of the favorite lunch spots on the island of Mykonos.You will spot celebrities from around the world,especially during hte month of August, and stylish Athenians spending their week-end on the island. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean dishes which you can savor as you overlook the sea from your table or sun bed. Another great factor is the relax lounge atmosphere and obviously the damn good tunes.I suggest you book a table especially during the high season.

In case you are in the mood for shopping one of Athen’s most stylish boutiques from has opened a store here with brands from all over the world including greek designers who are actually selling their collections internationally..pricy but it worths it!


Psarou Beach, Mikonos, Greece

Phone:+30 2289 022440
  • Hippie fishHippie Fish Mykonos, a beachside sushi style spot near Agios Ioannis


The Hippie Fish is an up market restaurant located on the beach of Agios Ioannis, one of the finest beaches on the island with spectacular views of Delos.  It is a traditional taverna which serves greek dishes and even though I can’t say that the food is my favourite one, the amazing view over the unique  sacred island of Delos will compensate for it.Moreover the beach is very beautiful and the ambiance very relaxing. Last but not least ”Shirley Valentine” was filmed here.

Agios Ioannis, Myonos 846 00, Greece
+30 2289 023547


  • Aglio e Olio trattoria

 A beautifully designed trattoria in the heart of the city of Mykonos, called Chora, which serves amazing dinners!!Their salads are to die for and the rich variety of main dishes will make the choise very difficult! You can choose between greatly prepared pasta or pizzas and ofcourse great dishes based on meat which is so well prepared in greece in general. The simple yet romantic decor makes this restaurant a must!

Lakka, Mykonos town 84600

  • Premier


If you are looking for a simple place to have the best smoothie and milkshake in mykonos then you better visit Premier. Their crepes are to die for and the same applies to the sandwiches that are prepared in front of you with the ingredients that you choose among a trully rich variety of fresh products. You can enjoy your snack or breakfast in the street on one of the 4[!] tables available, watching the beautiful crowd passing by. Last but not least the owner and his assistants are extremely welcoming and you will easily find your self chating with them!

Mitropoleos 12, Mykonos 84600

Between Limni Square & Little Venice. This very unique bar is a delight; it’s a bar with many facets as with the crystal napkins weights on the bar. It has a wonderful and cosy Atmosphere, Excellent décor, Charming, Grand, Elegant, and Opulent. It’s the place to go for a romantic setting and/or where you can enjoy a candle-lit conversation with friends over the music. It is a bar with a difference and cannot imagine anyone to be disappointed after his or her first visit. Best of all, it is owned by Gilles and Dimitris of the late Magic Garden bar, and just as you can imagine of both of them, their flare, eye for detail, friendliness and professional touch has come with them. Do not visit Mykonos without visiting this great little bar. We wish them both well in their new adventure

  • Kiki’s taverna

Horiatiki Greek salad

Situated in the area of Agios Sostis this is probably one of the most traditional taverna’s on the island and it belongs to a hippie owner and his mum called Kiki! The food is litterally fresh and the taverna is very small which explain the long queue you will usually find…The taverna closes its doors to clients on sunset given that it has no electricity!!!

  • Alemagou restaurant

Alemagou is a bar and restaurant set beautifully on the sand of Ftelia Beach situated on the north side of Mykonos. The food is litterally devine and the restaurant is open till late at night! The beautiful view makes the experience even better and even though it can be very often windy, you will not regret your choice!

  • Spilia restaurant

Situated in Agia Anna beach, this traditional taverna in created in a cave setting by the sea and is definetely one to discover.The food is served for lunch and dinner and is basically seafood

  • Roca Cookery

Praised by the locals as the new best restaurant in town, Roca is situated  just above the Old Port, next to Archeological museum.

Along with having an excellent sunset views colors and delicious appetizers with great flavors either for lunch or dinner since is open all daylong, you will experience the elegance of Mediterranean authentic cuisine embraced into a Greek local ambient. From typical appetizers such as fava, octopus in wine sauce, marinated anchovies to fresh grilled fish from the Aegean Sea or a steak.





Here below you can find a selection of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos.


Info& Description: 11 km south east of Chora Elia, is one of the longest and most popular beaches of Mykonos. Many umbrellas, sun beds and beach bars dot the coastline.

Platis Gialos

Info& Description:  5 km south of Chora. Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos. Well-organized, sandy and clean, Platis Gialos is easy to reach from the capital village.

Super Paradise

Super Paradise beach, Mykonos

Info& Description: 7 km south east of Chora. Super Paradise is right next to Paradise beach. Less organized than its neighbouring coast, it is still one of the most popular places around.


 Info& Description:  6 km south east of Chora. Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos, attracting mostly young crowds for its day and night beach parties. The Best Beach for Partying: this beach is not for everyone: water sports, young people, sand, sun, and drinks wherever you look.


Amazing day at Paraga Beach. #mykonos #greece (at Paraga Beach)

Info& Description: 6 km south of Chora. One of the most popular beaches on Mykonos, Paraga seems like two beaches, the southern side is calm while the northern side is fully organised.


Here below you can find a list of the best clubs in the island of mykonos!

Cavo paradiso

 Cavo paradiso....what a summer night used to look like ;)

First on our list, is the oldest club of the island, a wonderful Open-Air-Club directly at Paradise Beach.

Keep in mind that the parties won`t start before 6 am.

Paradise Club

Paradise Club - Mykonos

The club is located on the shore of Paradise Beach, on the most famous bech fronts in the mediterranean. The extravagant interior of the club is complemented by a large outdoor swimmingpool area which is used for relaxing and dancing by during the day. However at the night club turns into the heartbeat of Mykonos attracting thousands of people from around the world every night. There is a main large dance floor and several dance floors near the pool. Table reservations are available if you phone ahead.

El pecado

El Pecado/Remezzo is  situated at the begining of the harbor front, near to the guarded gatehouse, you just need to follow the music to find the party.

El Pecado can become very packed at times, walking it somewhat difficult to find the dance floor, but this is what party season is about in the island. Grab a drink and get into the flow of the night


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